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My name is Melissa!

I am a home schooled, high school student.  I have always been home schooled, and I love it!


I am a Christian, and I absolutely love living for the Lord!  God is always first in my life.


I LOVE: God, my family, friends, reading, cooking, drawing, writing, smiles, chocolate , gummy bears, music, fashion, running, pilates, yoga, shopping, Disney, and sparkles (Oh, I adore sparkles!).


I dislike: Spiders (Oh, I really dislike them!), snakes, injuries,  tornadoes, and seeing people sad (It breaks my heart!)


I will be blogging about:  My life, fashion, running, sparkles, my walk with God, and basically anything! 🙂


Well,  bye for now! Hope y’all “have a super sparkly day!” 🙂




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