Recent Happenings

Hey!!! Sorry, I haven’t posted in a looooonnnnnnnnggggggggg time… I’ve been really busy. But, that just means this will be a longer post! So, here we go!!!!!!

A week ago I had my cross country informational meeting,  which went well. I’m super excited to be doing cross country this upcoming season! But, I have a lot to do before then.. I’m starting to condition for cross country, which means running 5 miles, 5 days a week. I really don’t mind having to run that far, and frequently.  Because,  I love running!!!!! I also like what I get after running…. Chocolate milk, my recovery drink!! (:
I’ll also be doing pilates, and yoga along with the 5 miles.

Ohhhh…..Last Sunday I started small group at my church! Which is a lot of fun! Everyone  in the group is absolutely awesome,  and so nice!! Can’t wait to get to know everyone better! Tonight we all went out for pizza (which was yummy)!

I just recently celebrated my birthday.  Which was pretty good! (: I got my fruit salad , and chick-fil-a! (: I didn’t really do anything special this year. Which was okay. I liked having a calm day! (:

Now I’m going to tell y’all about my awesome weekend!!!!! So, on Friday night my mom told me we’re going to go shopping.  I was like okay, shopping I love shopping!  I woke up Saturday morning, and got all ready to go shopping. After I was all ready to leave, my mom told me to go outside, there’s a surprise for me. I was thinking “What in the world could the surprise be?!?! Is she trying to get rid of me?!”.  I opened the door, and there was my best friend,  standing there!!! I was totally surprised! The first thing that I said to her was “What are you doing here!?!??!?!?”. She then told me that we’re going shopping!!!! I was totally excited! I not only get to go shopping,  but I get to spend time, and shop with my best friend!  After shopping for awhile, we then went to Sugars Cupcakery.


I got this yummy vanilla bean cupcake there!

After we ate are yummy cupcakes, we then headed over to a cute little cafe to get coffee, and smoothies!


Here’s a picture of my delicious strawberry smoothie!!!! So good!

I had an amazing day with my bestie, she planned an awesome birthday surprise! 

Now here are some more pictures from my birthday adventure! (:


This was seriously one of the cutest boutiques ever!


You could make a fairy garden! (; Cute, huh?


I absolutely love this!!!


This was on top of a cute little desk we found!


Can you tell I like Paris stuff? (: Love this side table!


My sweet friend made this! (:


Marilyn Monroe pictures!


                     Love this!

Well, that was some of the recent stuff that has happened in my life! I hope to start posting at the most once, or twice a week! Since I can now post, posts from my phone it will make it a little easier.  Well, Bye-bye for now! Hope y’all had a good weekend!


Why I Am So Excited For Spring!!!

Hello all!!

I am pretty excited for spring (if you couldn’t already tell from the title!)!!!! Because…….I can start RUNNING!!!!!!!  Well, light jogging…. The reason why I am so excited to start up jogging.. Is… Last year in late May I tore a tendon in my ankle, from running.  I had to be on crutches for awhile.  Trust me you do not become a pro at crutches over night.  My first full day on them; I fell down the stairs, tripped myself several times, and tripped other people (which was a total accident, I felt so bad!).   It took me about a week to get the hang of them.  By mid  October I finally got off of them, but I couldn’t do anything that would re-injure it.  I started up pilates , and yoga (which really helped strengthening my tendon.).    Now it is February of 2013, and I have been doing pilates, and yoga regularly since October.  But, I am super duper excited to start running up again!!!!!  I plan on not having any injuries from running this year!!!(:  So, now y’all know why I am super excited for spring !

I am also excited for spring, because of so many other reasons like; The beautiful flowers, warm weather, and so much more!!

This was my first fitness type post , I just thought I should start the fitness posts out with this one!   Y’all should be happy I decided to give you the short story ,on how I tore my tendon, or you would be reading this post forever! (:       There will be other fitness posts regularly, don’t worry! (; ♥ ♥ ♥

Well, bye-bye for now! ♥


Valentines Day ♥

Happy Valentines Day everybody !!!♥♥♥♥   Valentines Day is a day where you show your affections to somebody by; Giving them a card, chocolates, or even taking them out to dinner, right ?

It can also be a day where you reflect back on all the love God has showen to us!  John 3:16 says: “For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotton Son,that whosoever believeth in him should not perish , but have everlasting life”. God has shown so much love to all of us, he lives to love us, and to know us better!♥

I personally have NEVER had a Valentine, and I’m quite fine with that. I know that God has my Prince Charming out there somewhere , and he is waiting for the right time to reveal him to me. I just need to be patient, and know that I’ll one day have a Valentine! ♥ I know that God has my Prince Charming out there somewhere , and he has yours too!  Just be patient! He knows what he is doing !♥♥

Well, bye-bye for now!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!♥ Hope y’all have an amazingly awesome day!


P.S. I will be posting pictures , and longer blog posts when my blog is fully done!

First Blog Post!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my blog; Tiaras, Gowns, and Tennis Shoes! ♡    I am seriously super excited to start blogging !!!!!!!!!!! :))  Sooo.. Many people have inspired me to start blogging , and since I love writing I thought why not create a blog!?!?!

Well, Bye for now!



P.S. I plan on blogging regularly!!!!! (: