Hi Everyone!

On Saturday I got my new Hedgehog!! Her name is Luna. She is so sweet and cute!

Here are some pictures of her 🙂

Luna 2Luna 1Luna close upLuna 3

I also updated my blog 🙂 How do you like it?  Do you have any pets? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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♕Princess Diary♕

Underground Secrets


On a warm summer day, Mary walked to her friend Jill’s house to see if she could play.
When she was almost there, she saw Jill’s mother sneaking slaves into their basement.
After the basement door closed, she knocked on the front door.
Jill answered , “Hi, come in, I just baked cookies. Take one and then we can go to my room.”
Mary took a cookie, then they headed to Jill’s room.
Mary asked, “Why was your mom bringing slaves into your basement?”
“Well, I will tell you. You must keep it a secret. Can you?” Jill asked.
Mary nodded.
” My family provides safety for escaping slaves by giving them a place to hide” Jill explained.
“Can I meet them?” Mary asked.
“Sure!” Jill exclaimed, then they headed to the basement.
“This is Jane. She is six years old. This is her dad Max and her mother Harriet” Jill said.
“Hello” Mary said cheerfully.
“Hello” Jane replied softly, then Mary and Jill left.
” Is there a way I can help?” Mary asked once they were upstairs.
” Bringing food would help” Jill replied.
“I will come once a week with food ” Mary said as she went to leave.
“Bye ” Jill said. When Mary got home, she remembered that she forgot her bracelet at Jill’s house. She grabbed an old doll and then told her mom that she was going to get her bracelet. On the way to Jill ‘s house, she overheard some slave catchers talking about suspecting that Jill ‘s family was helping slaves. Mary started off to Jill ‘s house again. Once she knew they could not
see her, she ran. After getting there, she told Jill’s family. She gave the doll to Jane and Jill’s Dad moved the slave family to keep them safe.

♕Princess Diary♕

spring is here


Hi everyone!  It’s been getting warmer, flowers are starting to bloom so here are some flowers from last year. Which is your favorite flower?  What have you been doing outside?










♕Princess Diary♕


Doll Poem


Here is a poem I wrote to go with this picture of my doll.


Dolls are fun and cute,

Playing till the day is gone,

Together always.


Thanks for reading, hope you come again!

Princess Diary

10 ways to stay safe

  1. Look both was before you cross the street.
  2. Don’t talk to strangers.
  3. When walking make sure no one is backing up in the drive way that you cross.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings.
  5. don’t go up to people in cars.
  6. Stop at Stop signs.
  7. Set up a meeting place for you and your family in case of a fire.
  8. NEVER give a stranger any information (Address, Email, Phone, number,ext…)
  9. Where a helmet when riding a bike, scooter, and skateboard.
  10. If your ever in a fire get low and get out.

Stay Safe!!  🙂 Thanks for reading hope you come again.

Artists I like to listen to


These are some of the artists I like to listen to. Jamie Grace, Toby Mac, Mathew West, Super chick, JJ Heller, Britt Nicole, and OBB. I would love to here who your favorite artists are.

  Thanks for reading I hope you come again!

Short Story


Hi! I just wrote my first short story I hope you like it!  🙂

                                                           Lost and found

“Mother look what I found.” Mia exclaimed  “Oh dear take that animal out of here!” “It is

just a puppy.” Mia said. As her twin sister Jessica walked in.  “What are you guys talking

 about?  “I was riding my bike and I almost ran into this little sweet heart, then I put her

into the basket on my bike.”   “Does she have a ID tag?”  Jessica asked.  “Maybe it has a

ID chip.” Mother said.  “ Mother will you take us to the vet?”  Mia asked.  “I guess, but

we have to be home by 3:00 so you can go to your horse back riding lessons.”  “I will take

her to the car” Mia said. As Mia walks over to the car. “ Mom she does not want to go in

to the car.”  Hey mom how about we ride our bikes since the vet is just two miles away.”

Jessica said.  They all get on their bikes and rode away.  “I will wait with the bikes while

you girls go in.” Mother said.  They walk in.  “Hello” the lady at the counter said, “Hi”

they replied. “I found this dog with out a collar.” Mia said.   “Okay girls I will take her to the vet.”

“You can go in with her if you would like.”  “We will  wait here.” Tick-Tock-

Tick-Tock “The vet walks out. This puppy lives at.” “1020 Aaron lane, Morton Arizona”

“Great that is right in our neighborhood.”  “We will drop her off at her house on our way home”
The End

Thanks for reading I hope you come again! 😀

night gown!


I just made a night gown!    It was the first time I used a sewing machine, I am so happy  about what I did. The pattern was so simple, going to make a doll night gown to hopefully so then we can match!  🙂


American Girl Doll Clothes


🙂 Hello 🙂

I have recently been looking for American Girl doll clothes and I came across a store on the internet. They have beautiful doll clothes which cost much less than  the prices for them at my local store.

One of my favorite dresses is a purple princess dress.  It is simply beautiful and only $10.95.  Take a look at it HERE.

The other dress I like is a pink party dress for $8.45.

They even sell matching girl and doll outfits too.  They must be pretty popular because many of them are sold out when I look at them.

The link to their website is   http://www.american-girl-doll-clothes.com/ It is a great website, I hope you check it out 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading I hope you come again!