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Busy Saturday —-

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First day in awhile where all of us have been in town at the same time. Of course that makes for a busy day. This morning Scott took my youngest to a Easter Egg hunt type activity at Toys Us. It basically was a flop because they had them go around and get a few […]

Emotional earthquake: thoughts on recent homeschool convention vs Ken Ham/AIG situation

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Recently I was astonished to find out that Ken Ham and AIG were dis-invited to speak and be in the vendor hall for Midwest Homeschool Convention based on what Mr. Ham said concerning another speaker/vendor’s homeschool curriculum. I will not go into it much here as to whether or not there was any blame on […]

Japan… and thoughts on life

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I think when I first heard about all the earthquakes and problems that have recently happened o Japan, I kind of was a bit shocked and overwhelmed by what I heard and saw. I think everyone is looking at Japan and feeling compassionate toward them. I actually lived and worked there for a short time […]

Warm weather…

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It is kind of a up and down time when the warm weather starts showing up again near Springtime. With the beautiful weather often comes a time where the atmospheric changes bring on those awful sinus and allergy-like symptoms which develop into coughing and draining and all that nastiness that makes you miserable for days […]

Mobile Dog/Cat Groomer in Cincinnati area

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I am posted this for a homeschooled friend who is trying to build up her clientele for her grooming business. In Home Pet Grooming Services by Jessica of JC’s Canine Design Affordable ‘mobile’ grooming by award winning groomer Jessica Darnell-Cradic. Services available for dogs and cats 40 pounds or less. In home grooming is less […]

New Year

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Ok. It is a New Year once again. Do you have the same old resolutions as last year? Or did you make new ones? I always seem to find myself falling back to old ones that I never seemed to have accomplished. I don’t exactly sit down and make nay pact with myself or anyone […]

Alice in Wonderland—-

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We are sitting here watching Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I do think this is one of my favorite versions of it. I found a website with information about the story and thought it would make a good unit study. Some days I feel like Alice. I am often amused that people make assumptions about […]

Our Christmas tree

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We recently put up our Christmas tree a week ago. It has about 800 lights and tons of ornaments. Some the ornaments date back before the 70s to the present. Not sure which one is the oldest. May even have some from the 50s. Sara recently made one in Brownies and added it to or […]


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Really it has been in the 80s/90s here. Where is Fall? I know I had said we kind of missed out on summer again this year but really I did not think anyone was listening to me. LOL I would like it to get a little cooler so that I can plan a few outside […]

Start of school year

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We unofficially started our school year last week by working on our math workbooks. This week we added a few more subjects- Science and Spanish so far. I realized that the one educational website I subscribed to was already expired before I had a chance to retrieve some things for this year. Ugh. I had […]