Healthy eating

I mentioned before that it is important to eat healthy rather than to just diet. So the things to consider are what your overall goals are for being healthy.

If you are just trying to eat healthier than you may want to just consider aging less junk and more good food. So you may choice better carb choices,leaner proteins and more vegetables and fruits.

For someone like me who is diabetic, I am looking at overall eating better but with consideration to how the foods I eat will affect my health and wellbeing as a diabetic.

Being on insulin adds additional challenge of not gaining extra weight because insulin tends to cause weight gain and make it difficult to lose and keep off weight. I learned that the hard way through experience and not up front when I chose to go on insulin years ago. Now I am suffering being overweight as a result.

Good news is recently I finally learned a successful way of losing weight and feeling better. It was by eating more paleo. For me it is cutting out carbs and doing moderate exercise.

Last night my dinner was a beef cabbage soup and parmesan crusted green beans. Even my youngest admitted the meal was good and she doesn’t normally like cabbage or green beans.

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