Dragon School: First Flight: book review

Dragon School: First Flight is a fantasy novel by Sarah K. L. Wilson about a young sixteen year old crippled girl, Amel, who joins Dragon School in hopes of riding a dragon and becoming a Dominion Dragon Rider.  She and the other students must succeed at their training in order to become initiates which is the first part of their journey to become Dragon Riders.  Ultimately, they must be successful at their first flight.  First Flight is the inital book in the Dragon School series.

Having a love for fantasy as well as ones which include dragons and adventure, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story and can’t wait to read the next one and see what happens next. I was impressed with the author’s ability to engage the reader in a fast paced story which did not fail to keep me captivated by the plot and the characters. If you like fantasy, dragons, and plots which include adventure and self journey then this story is a must read.

This is the first of a series of stories about Amel and her journey as a Dragon Rider. The book is about 105 pages and leaves the reader with an ending which allows for a lead in to the next part of Amel’s story. The story is “clean” and would be enjoyed by both younger and older adults who enjoy a good fantasy which includes dragons, adventure, and a strong heroine. I have already moved on to read the next book so I expect the remaining books to as good as the first two.

This book is available in Amazon for purchase and currently is included in the Kindle Unlimited library.

I read this book as a member of the Six Queens ARC team and received an ebook copy with the intent to review the book. As always I give my honest and unbiased opinion in all my reviews.

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