Health and fitness Goals: Part 1

With a new year fast approaching, I know a lot of folks are thinking of coming up with their New Year resolutions.  Many people focus on wanting to get healthier or lose weight.  But how many of us who make that resolution actually follow through?

I know losing weight and getting healthier is always on my mind. While I succeed at times, there are many times I fall away from it as well.

Instead of waiting for the New Year ,I challenge you to start now instead of waiting.  Why now?

  1. I know if you decide to do it at some point in the future there is a chance you may go wild and be unhealthier in your eating with the attitude of ” since I will be forced to eat healthy when I start I might as well enjoy things now.”  Let’s be honest ~ this attitude will probably lead to failure in your goal because you already decided that healthy eating has to be a negative experience and you either never bother to get started or keep up with it if you do start.  Also, you may end up gaining more weight before starting.   Been there.. done that.
  2. If you leave it as a New Year resolution, then that sets you up for your health plan to be only a resolution which stats for New Year Resolutions state only about 8% stick with them.

We want to be 90 to 100% successful with plans to be healthier so let’s not wait but begin with a positive statistical outlook.

Next post will be about creating a plan.

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