Blink: Large light, art and projection mapping event

Blink is a light, art and projection mapping event which is going on for 4 days.  It isn’t something that you can see all in one night but my family was only able to attend one night. The event featured murals, large-featured murals mapping installations,  urban artscapes, media light and interactive art all which were spread out over 20 city blocks.

We wanted to take advantage of trolley rides from one place to another but an unfortunate accident along the trolley’s main route caused us to only take the trolley for about a block.  We were disappointed but was able to enjoy the event anyway.

There was a parade the night we were there so things in the streets were a little hectic and crowded.  The parade consisted of people that decorated their bikes and themselves as well as mobile art, dancers and bands.

It was an exciting event with interactive activities such as a mini golf course,

a light up station where you jumped from light up pads that changed colors,

a percussion area that had interactive lights

and others.

Also, some of the buildings had projections on them that you could enjoy.

I hope our city does this event again in the years to come because I’d love to be able to go for more than one night.

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