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Our family has been playing the game, Unauthorized, by Chara Games. We were provided this new game which is meant for ages 12 and up for a group of 6 to 12 players.  Don’t let the number of players keep you from playing this game though because we also played this game with fewer people and had a few of us double up and play as if we were another player.

Unauthorized is a social deduction game where each player takes a role in order to sway everyone towards an alliance with the state or the church.  The state wants to get rid of the underground church and of course, the church wants to thrive.

Here is an instructional video that explains the game completely.

We read the included instructions but the instructional video made it easier to get a quick start to play for the first time.

Our first time we played with just 3 of us just so that we could get an idea of how to set up the game and play it before we invited others to play.  We each doubled up and played two roles to make it a 6 player game.  Doing this we realized that it was a little more difficult to play strategically but it was still fun and able to be played in this way.


Playing with 6 or more is definitely more interesting.  For our  6 player game, we had one pastor and one person play as the police.  This left the remaining four players as neutral players.  My youngest was bound and determined to sway everyone to the stateside.  She started soon in the game by arresting the pastor.  There are 4 rounds of play which during each round has every player do a combination of passing card(s) and playing card(s).  Once everyone has completed that first action of the round then each player starting with the current dealer has 4 choices of what they can do for their turn.  They can perform what action that is associated with their role card which is different based on the role card you have, you can choose to view any other player’s hand of cards, you can try to get parole if you are in jail, and if you are playing as the police role you can choose to conduct a public execution.  For example, if I had the counselor role card I could choose to have another player discard 1 card of their choice from their hand.  If I were the police I could imprison another player.  Then after each player takes their turn and play returns to original dealer, the dealer card is passed on and the next round begins.  The game ends when the 4th round has completed and everyone goes through what cards they have left in their hand and makes any wild cards they are holding to be loyal to either the state or church.  At the same time, everyone plays their rest of their cards and each person counts how many state versus church cards they have.

These are the cards that determine your loyalty which are in your hand and what you play with. The middle card is a wild card and the loyalty is indicated by which loyalty is placed upright during play.  In this case, loyalty is to the state (police).


Each player now has their loyalty decided based on whether they have more state or church cards.  The deciding factor of whether the state or church wins depends on the highest majority between the players as well as on how many of the church loyal players are imprisoned.  So if 4 players are loyal to the state and only 2 to the church, the state wins as long as there is at least one loyal church member not in jail at the end of the game.  Victory belongs to the state if there is a tie for loyalty among the players or if all the church loyal players are imprisoned.

It seems a little confusing at first but after playing one game it becomes a lot clearer. Also, there are reference cards that help you during gameplay as well as a very well written rule book.

The first time we played was getting accustomed to how to play the game then we started to try to develop our own strategy.  Apparently, my youngest is very good at this because she managed to get a majority of the players to end as loyal to the state which you can remember I said was her goal.

Here is what the game looked like for us during our 6 person game.  I forgot to take more than this picture because we were too caught up in the game at the time.

We really enjoyed playing this game and it is rapidly becoming a favorite for us.  I think this would also be an ideal game for any type of church group regardless if it is for a youth group, for adults or a mixture of all ages.  I even think younger players could also play as well.  I plan on playing with a larger group of people soon because the number of players definitely changes the dynamics of the game.  The game is easy to travel with since it is about the size of two standard playing cards put together side by side which makes it ideal to pack on trips.  A family reunion or group vacations would also be ideal for this game.

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