Adventures with joining a gym

Ok.  My oldest has been using a gym either at her college or at home during the summer. I have thought of it many times but I was always a bit uncomfortable with working out in public.

I know I need to lose weight thanks to having gained weight over the years due to insulin usage as well as needing to gain physical strength again. When I saw a facebook post about a weight loss/fitness program I thought ok why not.  It is a 16 week program where you have access to a gym and are given a meal plan with recipes and shopping lists.  Yes I’ve been through this program for a few months now and I have lost weight but haven’t been able to fully utilize the program due to getting tennis elbow around time I started it.

What it has done for me was get me started toward losing weight and eating healthier.  I received a lot of good recipes for natural eating rather than processed foods people tend to gravitate toward.  It has helped to get my blood sugar levels under better control due to whole food eating and more exercise.

One thing I’ve taken away from it so far is the gym I am using for the 16 weeks is probably one I won’t stay with for various reasons.  It is smaller and has less to offer than one of the larger chain fitness centers.   Also, it is more expensive. I will probably join one my oldest uses which is cheaper and will allow my youngest to use the gym through my membership as well.

Being the type to avoid going to a gym I wanted to just encourage anyone of my readers to get past their reservations about working out at a gym if you are like me and really need that extra bit of help to gain personal strength and overall fitness. I suggest you create a list of what you need in a gym, cost, access to trainers, equipment available and hours etc.  Use this list and visit a few gyms before settling on one since most require a contract commitment or extra start up fees.

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