New school year

The school year is finally upon us.  Most public schools have already started and the rest are not far behind in starting their new school year.  As homeschoolers, we can choose our own time lines.  This year we loosely did school over the summer but are ramping up to do a new typical school year for us.

We homeschool in an eclectic fashion and I allow my daughter to be more independent in her daily learning.  She leads her own way and I am there just to guide when she needs help.  We use items and curriculum that interest us and fit her learning style and interested so a full curriculum is not the norm for us.

This year we are also preparing for taking the standardized tests such as PSAT and ACT etc.  I chose to give us another year to take the PSAT which I originally was planning on her taking this Fall. I felt our time and money was better spent in more preparation in how to take the tests and on the subject matter she will need to know to do well.

One thing I will be doing differently this year is to use a combination of an online as well as textbook based math.  I feel that this will lead to better comprehension of the material for my daughter.   Also, I want to help her to read better comprehensively as well as be more effective because this is one of the things that standardized tests expect in test takers in order to do well on them.

I challenge my homeschool readers to consider how they can make their school years more productive and to help their kids grow in their learning.  Think back on previous years.  What do you think you can do better?  What things will help your children to grow and succeed better this school year?


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