Perspective and Its Impact

What we perceive when we look with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch is different for each of us. It is different because we have a different perceptive. We have a different background, different experiences, different way of processing and handling things. We all have different role models and parents. We learned things and in ways different from others.

People do not always stop and reflect on this as much as they should. When we don’t, misunderstandings and divsions can happen. If you look around you and view the news these days that seems to be what has happened to our world.

I truly believe also that people have lost the art of listening and learning to let go and forgive. People have never been taught how to deal with conflicts and learn how to see things through other’s eyes. They hear what they want to and then instead of attempting to understand and work with others, they simply choose to either walk away or lash out and cause pain. Not everyone but enough do that we see it reflected in our society.

I see this through what has happened with the election of our current President as well as with the relationships of those around me. It saddens me because at the heart of it I know this isnt the way life was meant to be. I also know that partly it is because people chosen to turn their back on God. He alone is peace and order. Chaos and conflict are a result of walking away from Him.

How does the picture above have anything to do with this you might ask? Well when you look at that picture, what do you see? What does it make you feel?

If you are a perfect stranger you might just see a picture of strangers at Walt Disney World on vacation. You are not attached to the two girls emotionally in any way. You might even not care about the place where the picture was taken. So you are detached from the picture and might not feel any type of connection.

What if you were a big Disney fan? If so then you might relate to the picture a little more. You may have visited there and may have some memories that this picture brings to mind. Whether happy or sad, these memories make you feel something now when you see the picture. If you knew one or both of the girls you would have even more in common with what you see in the picture. Maybe you even attempted a picture like this where you jumped into the air.

Suddenly your perspective has changed. Your personal experiences has given you a connection to the picture so it means something to you beyond it simply being a picture. The same would hold true with anything to do with our senses. Our ability to have compassion, to feel, to relate, and to have so many other emotions is tied to our perspective on life. If you were to volunteer at a soup kitchen, when you see someone down on their luck, you would have different feelings than if you never had helped in that capacity. If you had even been hurt from someone you considered to be a friend, that affects you. If someone had shown you compassion then that affects you. If you watched someone you cared for get hurt… If you grew up in a loving family that was open about their feelings.. or if you grew up being told to never show your emotions or express yourself… if you were abused… All these things make up who you are, how you see the world, and how you act.

Why do I bring up any of this? Well as a parent it makes me realize how important we are in the raising of our kids. Not only does what we teach them, how we act and what we say impacts a big part of what they become as individuals. We are given the responsibility for not only them but the next generation of our society and what it will be as well. Looking back at previous generations we can see this to be true. When we reflect on that, it should be very sobering. It can also be very exciting to know that if we bring up our kids to be caring and compassionate that in some way we can leave a positive impact on the future. If we think outside of ourselves and look at things in this way, each individual can have a major impact on the outlook of the future. The choices we make are significant and each individaul is important. That is why it is so important to consider others and look beyond ourselves. Now look at the picture above again. Choose to look at it differently. Ask questions. Try to imagine what the girls are feeling and thinking. Put yourself in their place and where they are in the picture. Maybe now you can see with a different perspective than you had before. Maybe now as individuals we can make a conscientious effort to expand our perspective on the world around us. Before you judge others and make assumptions, try to stop and look beyond yourself. I know I have trouble doing that in may situations. It isnt an easy thing to do because we all have experiences which we draw upon that makes us act and say the things we do but maybe we can all learn to make the choice to grow a little and expand how we see the world.

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