Summer time

As summer approaches, I always have big plans to do a lot outside with my kids.  One thing I have always regretted as my kids are growing up is with my first we did that a lot  Once my second kid came along… not so much.

One thing I challenge folks to do is take the time to enjoy the summer time with your family.

Here are some things you can do to increase the probability that this happens.

  1.  Research and find things to do.  Write down or find information on area events and things to do then create  a file for that.
  2. If you set up an area in your home you often, like your frig or main family area, then you can post a calendar with events listed and maybe have a bulletin board that you hang the information you find.
  3. Discuss ideas with your  family and set up actual days so that you have preplanned some activities.

If you are like me, then winging it on the fly rarely  happens.   You can always modify existing plans but expecting the day before or that day for you to actually go do something normally does not happen for me.

Some suggestions are local parks, local festivals, bike trails and walking paths.  Zoos and amusement parks are also a good outing.

Get out there this summer and make memories and enjoy the sunshine!

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