Nearing the end of another homeschool year

As summer approaches I am reflecting on this past school year.   I realize as I’ve been homeschooling longer and longer that I no longer stress out  when we don’t manage to do everything I planned or even worry if it hasn’t gone the way I’ve imagined it should have.  I remember the early years when I would have minor panic attacks thinking that maybe homeschooling wasn’t right for us and thinking how some folks seemed to have their act together much better than I did.  I never did go all out and buy those curriculum packages that some people seemed to purchase only to never really use them.  I have bought individual items that we never really finished or even started to use.  We missed out here and there on activities  and other things as well but none of that seems as important as the actual outcome.

With one kid finishing up her first year in college and another getting ready to begin those high school years, I have come to realize that there are no righ or wrong ways to homeschool but that your personal goals and those milestones you set and achieve are what matters in the end.

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