Grammar Corner: Pronouns

What is a pronoun?

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.  An example would be to use the word “it” to replace the noun “ball.”

Subject pronouns are able to replace the noun that is a subject of a sentence.

Ex.    The ball rolled into the street.    Replaced with a pronoun would become:   It rolled into the street.

Subject pronouns can also be used to rename the subject noun when followed  to be verbs.  This is used in froa English because informal English most people use object pronouns.

Ex. This is he speaking.     or  It is she.

Informally:  It is just me at the door.  Formal:  It is just I at the door.

When who refers to a presonal pronoun then it takes the verb that agrees with the personal pronoun.

Correct:   It is I who am correct.    Incorrect:  It is I who is correct.

Object pronouns are pronouns that are direct or indirect objects and those that are objects of a preposition.

Ex.  Robert spoke to her.      Joyce gave him the pencil.     Give her the pen.

Agreement is simlar to howyou would make tehm agree if they were a noun.  Remember that pronouns

each, either, and neither when followed by “of” need to be singuar in agreement.

Ex.   Each of the girls runs well.

Also possivie pronouns do not require an apostrophe.  Some exaplnes are teh words  his, yours, hers, theirs, and  its.

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