Teaching Character when facing difficult people

Even as homeschoolers, our kids still face difficult situations where they need to deal with people who bully or try to make them feel like they are unworthy or lacking in some way. I teach my kids to always take the high road with people even the ones that are cruel to them. I tell  my kids that mostly people act that way because they themselves are insecure about themselves or jealous of others so they try to tear people down to lift themselves up to make them seem better in their own mind. Unfortunately, even in our churches our kids run into and need to deal with people like this. One quote I remind my kids of is from Eleanor Roosevelt: ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ” Eleanor Roosevelt

When it comes from people you consider to be friends then it can be even worse. I try to teach my kids that they are the ones that have problems and to be kind to them because they act out and are that way because they are unable to cope with who they are and their situations. Never allow anyone to convince you something that is wrong about you. Whether they say you are ugly, or fat or stupid. It is not true an you should never allow them to get to you. Ask God to forgive them and help them and move on. It is not healthy to allow them to get into your head.

Even as adults and I am equally at fault with this, take things personally and get defensive.  My kids see when things happen to me too and I tell them yes it is human nature to feel that way.  It is not an easy thing to step back and  look at situations this way but we need to attempt to do this so that eventually it becomes more of a habit and we hopefully start to be able to cope with those people and situations better.

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