Concept Maps

Have you heard about or used concept maps before?

When I first started looking into concept maps as a way to learn it reminded e a little of the flowcharts I used as a programmer. In the simplest sense, concept maps are basically like a flow chart. They are visual organizers that you use to better understand and learn information and show connections between different ideas and facts.

The above is a simple concept map that I found at For people that learn better visually, concept maps can be helpful to use for studying. Even if that is not your learning style, you can always benefit by adding the use of concept maps to your arsenal of study tools.

A simple way to approach studying using concept maps would be to break it up into several tasks.  Let’s say you are studying for a test. You would maybe start with the concepts that will be on your test. Write each topic/idea/concept on a post-it note.Choose a picture that would represent the focus of your study and put that in center of your paper.  Next stick each post-it on the paper trying to organize each note into groups and subgroups around the main picture.  Next  go through your notes and find all the facts and ideas that relate to each topic and show their relationships in a visual manner using arrows , words, pictures that would show their connections to each other.

Here are some good websites that go deeper into how to use concept maps:

This is just a brief introduction to concept maps.  If you are interested in learning more about them I suggest you also google concept maps as well as check Pinterest for more ideas.

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