What is Bible Journaling?

I admit I used to be the one who was hesitant to even highight or underline in my Bible. I would think “this is God’s Word and shouldn’t be writing all over it.” Well I have changed that way of thinking recently after reading about Bible journaling.

What exactly is Bible journaling you may ask? Well you can find a lot about it on Pinterest and through a simple internet search.

For me Bible journaling is a way to delve deeper into God’s Word making it more alive. God’s Word is living and we should study it as such. Bible journaling allows you to fully engage in God’s Word using creativity. It all starts in the margins of your Bible. There are also journaling Bibles which make it even easier to do. I have been wanting to read through the Bible this year so I chose to purchase a One Year Bible which was a journaling one from my local Family Christian Bookstore.

Bible journaling can be as simple as writing in the margins with thoughts about what you read or more involved by doodling a drawing representing the passage. For some it is an expression of their personal devotions or for others used as an act of worship. Whatever the reason, it is an outlet that can draw you further into Scripture and spark life into your Bible reading and your time with God.

Get some colored pens, markers, pencils, stickers and other items and a Bible that you are comfortable with writing inside. I got myself a new one so that there was no prior mental attachment that I had with it so that would allow me to easily journal in it. Begin wih prayer and read your chosen Scripture. Then get inspired to write or draw in the margins. Sometimes I just draw something that reflects what the passage is about and other times my thoughts of what I read. You can even stylistically write a verse in the margin. Some people make the entire page a piece of art while lightly going over the text. Just make sure what you do is from your heart and is meaningful to you. You don’t need special skills to do this.

So think about starting the journey today. Let yourself change how you experience God and bring new life into your Bible reading and time with Him. If you need inspiration search Pinterest because there is a lot of Bible journaling tips and ideas out there. I cant take credit for the first page I did because I was stuck on what to do myself as I began for the first time. Here is a link to a blog page where I copied my first attempt at jounaling. Yes it is not my original idea so I wanted to provide credit to this person. Not sure if they were original person to do it so hoping if it isnt credit will get back to that person. http://christianfunnypictures.com/2015/07/have-you-ever-heard-of-bible-journaling.html

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