Daily Vocabulary: 5 words

Each day a list of 5 vocabulary words will be posted. In order to aid in comprehension, I have included each word’s pronunciation, definition and have used each one in a sentence.

1. fissure (fish-er): groove, crack, crevice, a narrow opening parting any substance

A large fissure appeared in the hillside after the earthquake.

2. collated (/kəˈlāt id/): collect and combine (texts, information, or sets of figures) in proper order.

He collated the existing copies of the play.

3. erudite (er-yoo-dahyt): learned, scholarly

His lecture proved him to be an erudite person.

4. auspicious (aw-spish-uh s): favorable, fortunate, of good omen

That surely is an auspicious beginning.

5.fallible (fal-uh-buh l): able to make mistakes, having faults

Because mankind is fallible we say to err is human.


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