Spanish For You! curriculum: My thoughts

Spanish For You! is a themed curriculum geared toward grades 3-8 that is suitable to be used in a homeschool, self-study, or many other  environments.






My daughter has been using the  Spanish for You! Fiestas Curriculum Package which includes the following items:

  • Spanish for You! Fiestas Book
  • Lesson Guides (PDF) (24 weeks Grades 5-8, 30 weeks grades 3-4)
  • Self-Checking Worksheets (PDF)
  • Audio of Entire Book (MP3)
  • Bonus Audio Native Speaker of Entire Book (MP3)
  • Free Printable Flashcard Pictures (PDF)

You can view samples of the curriculum as well as purchase it for yourself on the Spanish For You! website HERE.

This Spanish curriculum is ideal for homeschool parents who are looking for a curriculum for their kids but do not already know Spanish.   Spanish For You! curriculum is designed such that the parent/teacher does not need to already know Spanish.  In fact, you are provided with easy to follow grade specific lesson guides that take away the need for a lot of preparation and study on your part.  An older child can also easily read the lessons for themselves and  work though the curriculum as a self-study.


  • Grade specific lesson plans are provided that do not require the parent/teacher to know Spanish.  Also, this is great for homeschoolers because your children can work through the same program together at their own grade levels.
  • Can easily be used in any type of learning environment.
  • You receive both written materials as well as audio to accompany the lessons.
  • Highly affordable curriculum.
  • Well-rounded collection of activities: writing, listening, reading, and speaking.  Each activity is designed for your  student to learn vocabulary and  grammar set within a common theme.
  • Additional optional fun activities to supplement regular lessons
  • Curriculum includes a lot of diverse resources such as flashcards, practice ideas, games and activity suggestions, pronunciation guide, common words and phrases and more.
  • The theme (in our case Fiestas) provides a perfect setting to make Spanish more meaningful and engaging.
  • Satisfaction guarantee included with product.


  • I have found no real cons for us with this program at the time I am writing this review.

We are still working through the curriculum but just glancing ahead I do not see anything but pros for our family.   The only possible item might be if someone wanted a program that provided more formal testing and assessment throughout the curriculum.  There is a assessment type test at the conclusion of the curriculum,  but for the most part, the program appears to be more about learning Spanish rather than grading a child on it.  I sincerely believe this to be a superior approach to learning especially during the lower grade levels.

So if you are interested in a low-cost but effective and simple Spanish curriculum for your child, Spanish For You! may be an option worth your investment!  We are loving this program for so many reasons.  My daughter has fun learning Spanish and I love all that Spanish For You! has to offer.

Check them out at Spanish For You! website.  You can try free mini lessons  and download free worksheets too!


Disclaimer: I received the Spanish for You! Fiestas Curriculum for free in order to provide my honest review of it for my readers.  I was not required to provide a positive review and  all opinions are my own.  

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