A Day at the Creation Museum with a New Friend- Charlie

I recently took my daughters and one of their friends to the Creation Museum for the day.

If you do not know about the Creation Museum, you are in for a treat! Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, the Creation Museum is a 70,000 square foot museum that brings the Bible , Science and History alive. You can check out the Creation Museum website for more information.

As a Christian, I believe that the Bible is the only true account of history. It also contains valuable facts to learn more about God, science and other things as well. Some people think that science and God cannot exist together which is funny because today’s secular scientists and historians are finding new information each day that supports what is written in the Bible as fact. Science facts were written about long before secular man discovered things such as the earth being round, the fact that the stars are so numerous that they cannot be counted among other facts. Even now scientists have concluded that all humans originated from one man and one woman. So there is in fact only one race- the human race.

This is why the Creation Museum is so important in today’s society since most museums do not show both sides of views on things such as evolution versus creationism. The Creation Museum shows both and provides facts so that thinking individuals can search for and analyze the scientific data that is in the world around us  rather than just blindly following the crowd.   It is refreshing to have a place to discover the truth without being merely told to believe in a hypothesis as truth like most museums and schools teach us to do.

We arrived at the Creation museum on one of the hottest days of the summer.. about 107 degrees outside. My oldest daughter’s friend who came along with us brought one of her dear friends- Charlie.  Charlie was really excited about coming to the museum with us.  I think he learned a lot and we had fun too!

Can you find Charlie in the pictures below?  He really was enjoying himself!


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