Mother’s Day at church- it only takes a few

Well this morning I had to go to church with just my kids since my husband was suffering from a serious bout of sinus headache/face pain. It was raining so I walked through the parking lot and got a bit wet. I went to Sunday School class. All of that is good til I got to service. Yes I know I seem to be alone in my desire to truly worship God by singing praises to Him and entering into His gates prior to pastor sharing God’s words but still this morning really annoyed me even more. A few older teens.. maybe seniors sat to the right of me across the aisle in the balcony. Whenever my teen daughter, who is younger than those teens, sits with friends they are respectful and pay attention to service, take notes etc. Well this morning there were these two teen girls.. they acted worse than little kids and I expect little kids to have trouble sitting still and being quiet. In fact the little girl sitting in front of them was better behaved then these two teen girls were. As I tried to sing and to worship God one of the teen girls was talking what seemed like all through our worship singing and the specials and through some of Pastor’s talking. Didn’t even try to whisper.. I stared at her and it didn’t even seem to faze her that she was being disrespectful not only to those around her but to God. I think I have seen them before acting that way but they normally aren’t as bad as they were today.

Sad thing is there are so many adults that act the same way during worship time. For me worshiping God is the time we fully enter into His presence and come before Him preparing us to hear His voice during service. I even believe people should do this at home in order to get with God on a daily basis. Evidently for many folks the singing at church is a type of pre-show time where you can talk, wander in late etc.. I never really get as much out of my time with God at church unless I am able to have that time with God before the preaching time. Unfortunately this is what our kids see as an example anymore and one can hardly blame these kids when they go to service and sit through complacently through it as if it is unimportant. Still such behavior is inexcusable but unfortunately not unexpected anymore.

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