Bright Ideas Press: Biology – Review

Bright Ideas Press publish a series of Christian-oriented curriculum called Christian Kids Explore Science. In the past I have reviewed the Earth & Space book from this series. This time around I have had the pleasure to review the Biology book for my readers.

This 291 page paperback science book is written for 3rd through 6th grade but can easily be adapted for younger students.   It is written with a Christian worldview so that means no evolution is pushed through this curriculum.  The book itself is divided up into 8 separate units with a total of 35 lessons.  The suggested schedule calls for it to be taught  twice a week for a full year of instruction.  You can easily fir it into your own schedule even extending it further if you supplement different lessons with your own field trips and activities.  Each unit begins with a set of vocabulary terms, a list of materials needed and a coloring page.  The  book contains  teaching lessons that are conversational in style that go along with the coloring pages, hands-on activities, experiments, review sections, and memorization lists.

Each lesson begins with  what is called a teaching time section which contains the information being taught for that particular  lesson followed by a review section where your kids display that they understood what they read.  Next part of the lesson  has a  hands-on time activity as well as an additional optional activity.  In the margin of each lesson you will also find related scripture verses as well as other information for your child to discover about the current topic.

All in all I really love the way this book is laid out and how easy it is to use with my kids.  I know my kids love it too.  Each of my children have a binder section where they keep what they have done such as the coloring pages,  notes from the lessons, as well as pages from the activities we have completed.

You can get a better idea about the Christian Kids Explore Biology book by checking out the following information:  table of contents a sample weekand a list of materials by unit.

The lessons are easy enough to follow so that your child can work through them on their own or along with you as the teacher.   A manageable amount of information is within each lesson so that it is not too much for your child to digest at a time yet just the right amount to make it meaningful.  The hands on activities help students to further understand what they read and to ensure that they remember it as well.  I used this for both my daughters and it was easy to teach the different grade levels at the same time using this book.   Once again I can say that my kids and I really have enjoyed learning through the Christian Kids Explore Science series.  If you are looking for a science series that is fun and educational at the same time and which will engage your kids to explore the different areas of science then I am sure you will also like this series too!

Also remember to check out the  Christian Kids Explore Biology Student Activity Book.  If you are like me, it is difficult at times to copy pages straight from a bound book.  This makes it easier to print out the reproducible pages you need such as the coloring pages, experiment pages and the others  for your students.  The download for this can be purchased for $7.95.

You can purchase the Christian Kids Explore Biology book for $34.95 from the Bright Ideas Press website.

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Disclaimer:  I received  the  Christian Kids Explore Biology book  and the download of the Christian Kids Explore Biology Student Activity Book for free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew in order to provide an honest review for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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