Z-Guides to the Movies: Adventures of Robin Hood

     provides a series of movie guides named Z-Guides which leads you through a study of a movie which is set in a specific historical time period.  Each guide focuses on a specific movie release and not only do you learn about the movie details  but the historical period associated with it while developing research and critical thinking skills.

Now on to the specific Z-Guide that our family has used.  We selected the Z-Guide which studies the 1938  movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, which starred Errol Flynn.  We have started watching older movies lately so this was perfect timing for our family.  Most of the movies covered by the Z-Guides can be found either though your local library or through Netflix as well various movie rental places.

Each movie guide begins with a topic overview detailing information about the time period that the movie takes place then moves on to the movie synopsis.  It is suggested that you answer specific movie questions while watching the movie.  We started by reading through the questions before the movie started to get an idea of what to look out for during the movie.  My daughter is not good at quickly writing down answers so she tended to stop the movie at places in order to write down an  answer.  The 32 page movie guide which is geared toward high school students is set up to be completed within a week.  It is suggested that your student completes 2 activities per day with a total of 10 main activities.  For the Robin Hood movie guide we covered the following topics though various types of activities:

– Medieval English history (learning about about King Richard, Prince John, and the feudal system)
– Ethnic Conflict
– Chivalry
– Civil Disobedience

Beyond movie review questions, some of the other activities include researching answers to history questions centering around the main topics, some creative writing exercises,  word find , an activity that requires creating an action plan and following through with it,  a worldview activity that has your student examine their views and beliefs, a physical related activity, an activity that focuses on the art of film-making. and questions for a  family discussion.  You are also provided with a list of additional resources for you to explore and finally the answers so that you can check and grade your work.

Going through this movie guide was a learning experience in itself for my oldest as she has just started learning to do her own research and had to struggle a bit when searching on the internet for answers to some of the question within the guide.  The movie guide, though a challenge, was a good activity for her.  She began to develop better research and critical thinking skills as a result of working on our chosen Z-Guide.

You can learn more specific information about the Z-Guide for The Adventures of Robin Hood by going HERE on the Zeezok website.   To view the other Z-Guide movie options you can visit the Z-Guide to the Movies page at the Zeezok website,

You can view a sample pdf of the Z-Guides HERE.

The Z-Guide for The Adventures of Robin Hood  can be purchased  for 12.99 as a single license download version or you can buy it on a physical CD.  Classroom or co-op license can be purchased for $49.99.

For other products from Zeezok you can visit their website at https://www.zeezok.com/.    Zeezok even sells copies of the  individual movies through their website in case you want one to purchase.

This was our second Z-Guide that our family has used and we have been happy with both of them.  To find out what my fellow TOS Crew members had to say about this guide as well as others from Zeezkok Publishing please visit our Crew Blog post.

Note: I received a download copy of the Z-Guide to the Movies for Adventures of Robin Hood for  free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew in order to provide an honest review for my readers.


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