New blog theme in progress

Ok. I was not really happy with using someone else’s blog template since it really did not do what I wanted and I had trouble getting it to look right to me. Thus– I started writing my own theme from scratch. It is a tedious process since I still do not know how to get everything the way I want it yet. Also I still do not know exactly what I want yet either. LOL However i am getting there so please be patient with me. I hope to be hosting a weekly blog meme and I would like your opinions on what you would like to see with that. Also would welcome any comments on the look, feel and content (not post details but the general areas) of my new theme. I plan on having weekly posts for things Disney-related, Yuki (my dog), homeschooling in general and of course my TOS Crew and other reviews that I write. If you would be interested in seeing anything else please let me know!!!! Still trying to organize my posts so that there is a button at the top that will direct you to a page where the post excerpts will be on a certain topic.

Looking forward to hearing you all of my readers!!!

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