Camp week…. thoughts

My oldest left to go to a camp that was out of state on Monday morning. When I mean morning I mean 4 am we were up and at 5 am she was at church waiting to leave. This year I was able to see some pictures that folks had posted of her that either the camp photographer took or our Youth Pastor and his wife took. It is always nice to see a smile on your child’s face so you know at least for that moment they were happy and enjoying themselves. She comes back this weekend so I guess I will hear all about it when I pick her up. I am so glad she can have experiences like this since I did not have many opportunities like that when I was growing up. I think I went to a church camp once and it was fairly close to home since it was owned and run by the church I was attending at the time. I remember a few things about it. I remember someone asking if someone would like to pray for our meal and I said yes. LOL I remember thinking, ” of course we should pray”. I had not realized at first that I had actaully volunteered to lead the prayer myself. I was never the open to volunteer for anything that brought any attention to myself but I somehow managed to fumble my way through that prayer. I was maybe 10-11 years old then. Also I remember horse-back riding when my trail horse decided he wanted to go on the left-side of the tree that was on the path we were following thus having everyone behind us duck and squeeze by on that side. Oh yeah and sword fights. No not metal sword and physical fighting but ones with a Bible. We were in teams.. and had to hold our Bibles up in the air. As soon as the leader quoted a Bible reference we had to quickly find the verse and stand up and recite the verse. First one to stand up got to do it. Of course if you already knew the verse by memory you didn’t have to look it up but could just recite it. The team with the most correct recitations won.

I think church camps have come a long way since then. We didn’t have all the fancy stuff that some camps have now. I think the swimming pool and horse back riding were the biggest activities we had to do. The camp my daughter went to has a giant slide, lake with a blob in it, paintball, river tubing, climbing wall, etc… Even the church camp I went to has long since had major improvements.

I hope she has many good memories of the times she goes to camp. I think beyond being a wonderful opportunity it is a great way to mature, learn to take on responsibility and to grow up more. I think as a parent you see these things a little differently. 🙂

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