Greek “N” Stuff: Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!

Greek “N” Stuff has a Greek curriculum that teaches what is known as Koiné or Common Greek. This is the Greek language which was used for the New Testament and what was used by the common man during that time period.

I received level 1 of this curriculum and my daughter has been working through the worktext during the last few months. This level is perfect for younger students in lower elementary ages because it starts out slowly and easily with having your student work on learning the alphabet by learning to write and pronounce it. The first level makes use of flashcards along with worksheet pages in order to learn the Greek letters and their associated sounds. Various types of worksheets are used such as ones where you match the correct letter to the word that contains the right sound, coloring in the correct letter, connecting the dots of the letters in the proper order and many others in order to aid your child in learning the material. This is a perfect way to begin a young student in learning Greek since they can progress as slow or as quickly as they need depending on their age and level of understanding. Once they learn their letters, the lessons start to teach them a few Greek words to prepare them for the next level in the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! curriculum.

You can find out more information on the Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! curriculum and the various levels available by visiting the Greek “N” Stuff website HERE. You can also view the different purchase options at this website page. For example, Greek Level One Student Workbook can be ordered separately for $14.95. The Pronunciation CD for Greek Reader, Level One and Two can be purchased for $10. Other items can also be purchased individually or you can purchase complete sets a well.

You can view sample pages from the various levels of Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! HERE on their website.

As always, please check out what my fellow TOS Crew members had to say about Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! curriculum as well as the other Greek “N” Stuff products by visiting our Crew Blog HERE.

Note: I received this product for free as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew in order to provide an honest review for my readers.

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