Busy Saturday —-

First day in awhile where all of us have been in town at the same time. Of course that makes for a busy day. This morning Scott took my youngest to a Easter Egg hunt type activity at Toys Us. It basically was a flop because they had them go around and get a few stickers on an activity card then when they turned them in were suppose to get a goody bag. Past years it included candy, some type of small toy item, crayons, stickers etc. This year they got a paper bag with a dollar coupon inside and the activity page itself. Hmmmm.. don;t think that activity is worth going to anymore Even Sara was disappointed and it takes a lot to do that to her. She did however get to redeem her $3 birthday coupon for a toy turtle.

Now I have Sara and we are at our library. She had a “Spy School” event there and I am sitting here typing this out to you all! Hello!! Anyone out there reading this? LOL She just brought a pair of dark sunglasses to wear as a disguise but a pair of kids did walk in with dark stealth spy clothes on and dark glasses. 🙂 I am here til it is done then off we go home for a quick break before getting both girls ready to perform in the second performance of our church’s Easter Drama. We get to see tonight’s performance ourselves since Scott is in town. So far about 17 people have gotten saved at the performances which includes the dress rehearsal that they opened up for folks because the free tickets were all taken withing a week before the performances.

After all that is done we get to go home and rest. Hoping that we can get everyone ff to bed relatively early considering how late we get home from the drama performance. I hope to take lots of pictures so that I can post them on here later tonight or tomorrow. Tomorrow we will have church and a quick break with everyone present again and maybe we will watch Tangled til the kids have to go back to church for the last performance.

Well I better get back to writing again.. before Sara’s library program is done. I have tons of other posts I have written and are in draft form so maybe I will even get those done sometimes soon.

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